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  • Attractions & Entertainment

    • It was seamless, for the most part. The Progress Fund has been a supporter since day one. They’ve been superstars for us…They really understand it. They know it’s a good business.

      Ralph Murovich, co-owner, Ice Castle Arena, Castle Shannon, PA
    • They knew what I was going through. They knew how tough it is. They weren’t making it tougher. The Progress Fund made it pretty easy.

      Christine Orosz, Executive Director, Stage Right! School for the Performing Arts and Professional Theatre Company, Greensburg, PA
    • The Progress Fund was very helpful with a caring attitude for our success.

      Michael and Jennifer Salerno, Owners, God’s Country Paradise Park, Cowansville, PA
    • We’re still the small fish in a very big bowl. It’s nice to know that there’s an organization out there that will help the little guys compete with the big guys.

      Chris Higbee, owner – Chris Higbee Music, Dawson, PA
  • Local Foods

    • We found The Progress Fund to be incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the application process. They made it as easy as possible for us to put together the materials they needed.


      Lauren Townsend, co-owner, Millie's Homemade Ice Cream, Pittsburgh, PA
    • The Progress Fund did more than just lend us money…they joined with us in the creative belief that we could actually make things better. Ultimately we did. That is the power of relationships.

      Alisa Fava-Fasnacht, co- owner – Emerald Valley Artisan Cheese, Scenery Hill, PA
    • The Progress Fund was very accommodating, straightforward, and pleasant.

      John Dawes, owner – Huntingdon Farm, Alexandria, PA
    • I did check with a bank. At the same time, I had heard of The Progress Fund. They’re a small organization.  They’re easy to work with.  It just made sense.  It wasn’t big and institutionalized like the banks.

      Mandi Horn, co-owner, Horn O Plenty: A Farm to Table Restaurant, Bedford, PA
    • I just didn’t believe the help that [The Progress Fund] gave us. If they didn’t, we would probably be a year or two behind. … We just keep going back to them.

      Jeff Horn, co-owner, Horn's Farm, Bedford, PA
    • Very easy. It was no problem at all there. I’m getting the money as I need it. That’s been very helpful.

      Rick Walker, owner, Rick Walker Farms, Edinboro, PA
  • Outdoor Recreation

    • No matter what my plans were, or what I wanted to do, none of this would’ve happened without The Progress Fund. They were my last shot. If they would’ve said no, I was done. Karen Post was so energetic and so excited about it, it got me more excited.

      Todd Corson, owner, North Fork Golf & Tennis Club, Johnstown, PA
    • The Progress Fund got it. They understood what we wanted to accomplish, and they understood the potential of what this is going to be. They’ve been incredibly supportive.

      Seth Fosmire, co-owner, The Tandem Connection, Hendersonville, PA
    • When we were renovating an old building and opening our bicycle shop, The Progress Fund was exceptionally helpful. They provided advice and access to business development loans that we were not aware of. They were friendly and dedicated to helping us be successful.

      Brad Smith, owner – Confluence Cyclery, Confluence, PA
    • I know some of the other businesses in town that had used The Progress Fund. I knew they worked to see businesses grow and be successful and overall  what that good work was doing for the town. That’s why we reached out to The Progress Fund when we wanted to put up a new building and buy more inventory.

      Hansel Lucas Jr., Co-owner -Performance Kayak Inc., West Newton, PA
    • Though we’re doing business together, it doesn’t feel like ‘business’ — feels more like good people helping each other out.

      Don Hasch, Co-owner - Hazelbaker's Bottom Yough Outfitters, Inc., Perryopolis, PA
  • Restaurants

    • “I like what The Progress Fund does. No bank would even consider giving us a loan without collateral. It’s nice that there’s somebody out there trying to help non-traditional lendees.”

      Tommy Medley, co-owner, The White Rabbit Café and Patisserie, Greensburg, PA
    • The Progress Fund has a more open process. They don’t make you fit in a box. They were able to look at the overall picture rather than some of the specifics that other lenders might focus on.

      Rob Schepner, co-owner, Silver Shores Restaurant, Conneaut Lake, PA
    • As soon as [the loan officer] came here, things came together pretty quickly for me. The Progress Fund realized that there was a real opportunity here.

      Drue Spallholz, co-owner, The Eastwood Inn, Ligonier, PA
    • They’re not in it for money. They’re in it to promote tourism in southwestern Pennsylvania. The loan officer I worked with is just so personable. He brought it all down to earth. He was a very calming influence through every kind of storm.

      Terri Krysak, owner, Bittersweet Cafe, Farmington, PA
    • Karen, I wanted to thank you again for the two months principal-free loan payments. It helped tremendously. I am so fortunate to have a partner in business like the Progress Fund. I can’t sing your praises enough. Thank you!

      Douglas Vaira, owner, Domestic, Shepherdstown, WV
    • It was like any other loan process. There was a lot of leg work involved. But the representative of The Progress Fund helped me every step of the way.

      Raymond Driscoll, co-owner, Driscoll & Sons Café, Elizabeth Township, PA
    • When nobody else out there would lend me the money, The Progress Fund stepped up. Basically, they got it. …now I’m where I wanted to be. Our business plan is completed.

      Rod Darby, owner, The Trailside, West Newton, PA
    • After I got with The Progress Fund, everything just kept on rolling.

      Karen Wyland, owner – Homemade Memories…Bakery, Martinsburg, PA
    • We celebrated our agreement over a bottle of wine and some cheese in our home a couple of weeks later.

      Stefano Ferrari, co- owner – LIFeSTYLE – Living Italian Food e Style, Bedford, PA
    • The Progress Fund was exceptionally good to work with. The people I’ve dealt with have been cordial, cooperative, and knowledgeable.

      Lee Newell, owner – The Italian Oven, Somerset, PA
    • Outstanding. Very easy, very reasonable. They just made my life a lot easier, relieving me of that part of the stress.

      Bob Kolar, owner, Off the RAK Restaurant, Ebensburg, PA
    • I was able to get a great interest rate and the amount of money that I felt like I needed to start the project without having to jump through 10,000 hoops like some other financial institutions require.

      Ray “Tuffy” Shreckengost II, owner, Tuff’s Smokin’ Grill, Hawthorn, PA
    • When I couldn’t get a loan, a friend of mine who is in the real estate business told me about The Progress Fund. A lot of the loans that they gave out were in the restaurant business. I put a business plan together, and then got it back to them, and it really wasn’t very difficult with The Progress Fund.

      Tony Russo, co-owner, Phoenix Restaurant, Altoona, PA
    • You guys were awesome. Are you kidding? You could not have been more helpful, You really walked us through the process and were responsive to our needs and our questions.

      Larry Lagattuta, owner, Enrico Biscotti Company, Pittsburgh, PA
    • I was really happy with The Progress Fund — just the ease of everything. We didn’t have to jump through all of the hoops like you have to do with a bank.

      Ed Deemer, co-owner, Hungry Hank’s Pizzeria, Jeannette, PA
    • You have changed my life’s trajectory and I know you have done the same for so many others who just needed to be given the chance to fulfill their potential. Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given me.

      Douglas Vaira, owner, Domestic, Shepherdstown, WV
    • The whole process was very, very easy. It flowed right through.

      Chris Curcio, owner, Fox’s Pizza Den, West Newton, PA
    • I saw an opportunity to serve 1.5 million tourists that are hungry and thirsty after a day on the river or trails. When I went for a loan, commercial banks got bogged down in their own bureaucracy. The Progress fund was actually able to move faster.

      Eric Martin, owner, Falls City Pub, Ohiopyle, PA
  • Accommodations

    • “They streamline the whole process, but even more so, they’ve developed a process by which they can help us beyond just a loan.”

      Paul Kletter, co-owner, South Side Traveler's Rest, Pittsburgh, PA
    • “I was surprised how simple it was. How they’ve been helpful is through their level of encouragement. They’re very reachable, very approachable. They’re there to help you, because they know that you’re all about it.”

      Gail Hall, owner, 9 Decatur Guest House and Hostel, Cumberland, MD
    • “If I wasn’t able to get the loans from The Progress Fund, I would have likely had to stop at two chalets. From the time I contacted them and identified the project and they came down and expressed interest, we moved to a commitment very quickly.”

      Pervis Major, co-owner, The Confluence Resort, Hico, WV
    • “The Progress Fund “really understood what we were doing. They got it. … You need to present something that’s realistic to them. You’ve got to do your homework. And the process, I think, was informative to us as well.”

      Tom Rosselot, developer and owner, Cobblestone Hotel and Suites Connellsville, Connellsville, PA
    • “There were times when we shopped for credit and ran out of money. We were scraping. I feel very protected now. That’s not going to happen.”

      Mary Lou Rendulic, co-owner, Bright Morning Bed & Breakfast, West Newton, PA
  • Retail

    • It’s so hard to get a loan on a building since the mortgage crisis. We went straight to The Progress Fund. They were really easy to work with. They don’t require some of the things that banks require these days.

      Kara Weld, co-owner, Immersion Research, Confluence, PA
    • There isn’t a bank out there that would meet you beside a creek. That really impressed us. It wasn’t just a numbers thing. You actually saw the potential of what we were looking at.

      Allen Figula, co-owner, Crick Country Store, Glen Hope, PA
    • A great group to help us meet our needs for funding. We couldn’t have done the project without Enterprise Bank, The Progress Fund and the governor.

      Will Knecht, President, Wendell August, Grove City, PA
    • We had such a good response with The Progress Fund before, and they were easy to work with.

      LaDonna McCrary, co-owner – D & M Farm & Home Supply, Bedford, PA
    • Every time we ran into a roadblock, we called and they were willing to work with us.

      Evelyn Andritz, co- owner – The River’s Edge Landscaping and Garden Center, Leechburg, PA
  • Services

    • I felt it was a very smooth process. It’s very similar to a traditional mortgage, the same paperwork. But I’d say it was much friendlier. … My phone calls would be answered, if not within minutes, within hours.

      Caitlin McNulty, founding president, Brookline Teen Outreach, Pittsburgh, PA
    • If it wasn’t for The Progress Fund, I wouldn’t have been able to build the Pet Lodge.

      Jackie Petsu, owner – Stone Valley Pet Lodge, Petersburg, PA
  • Beer, Wine & Spirits

    • The Progress Fund “came highly recommended. The process was pretty seamless. There weren’t any major hurdles.

      Tom Jones, co-owner, CJ Spirits, Kane, PA
    • Everyone I talked to has been so supportive of everything. I feel like there’s a lot more flexibility with The Progress Fund than there would be with a lot of lenders. I can call someone up there and if I have a problem I can talk to a person who has an understanding of what’s going on. … It feels like a very personal relationship

      Christian W. Klay, owner, Ridge Runner Distillery, Chalk Hill, PA
    • We’re extremely happy to be working with The Progress Fund. We appreciate that they’re willing to believe in what we’re doing and believe that we can be successful with this. If they hadn’t given us the opportunity, I don’t know where we’d be right now.

      Nick Fazzoni, co-owner, Butler Brew Works, Butler, PA
    • I see our relationship being much much more than just a check. Everyone I have dealt with … has been supportive and informative. They believe in the vision and understand the process. The Progress Fund is like a family venture. I feel at home with these guys.

      Kate Hall, co-owner, Red Bandana Winery LLC, Leeper, PA
    • I found it to be extremely easy to work with The Progress Fund to determine what my goals were, and to finance them.

      Sharon Klay, Owner, Christian W. Klay Winery, Chalk Hill, PA
    • The financing package was like “an angel came down from the sky.

      Ron Zampogna, co- owner – Flickerwood Wine Cellars, Kane, PA
    • The Progress Fund “made it happen very smoothly and efficiently, no question about it.

      Barry Young, co- owner – Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, Glenshaw, PA
  • Other Small Businesses

    • I’ve always struggled to make my loan payments. The Progress Fund always believed in me and encouraged me even during down times in my business, helping me to get through them. And now I’m paying off my loan. The Progress Fund is awesome and has proven to me that, when someone believes in you, you can do anything.

      Liz Boni, co-owner, Appalachian Arts, Ridgway, PA
    • The Progress Fund guys were very professional, came in and did their jobs. [The Progress Fund] said, ‘You know what you need, you know what it’s going to do,’ and they made the loan.

      Clyde McClellan, owner, American Mug & Stein Co., East Liverpool, OH
    • The Progress Fund was great for that. They put us in touch with all of the people we needed to do a small business plan. We had a meeting and it went very well. Very receptive. Approachability was phenomenal.

      Philip Pratt, co-owner, Mom’s Wholesale Foods, New Castle, PA
    • We had an ice cream stand years ago and when we found a caboose that was equipped as an ice cream stand, we had to have it.

      Diane Dunmyer, co-owner, The Conerail Caboose, Cresson, PA
    • Thank you, I got it!  It just amazes me of the difference between how two lenders are. You and (other staff) are so professional and the other lender lacks such customer service, ethics and caring.  All I wanted from them is for them to do their job.  I also want you to know you really helped me, someone that honestly needed it.  Keep up the great leadership.

      Merrie Ann Cullin