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Falls City Pub

Falls City Pub 1
112 Garrett Street
Ohiopyle, PA
Property Purchase and Construction
Total Project Cost
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I saw an opportunity to serve 1.5 million tourists that are hungry and thirsty after a day on the river or trails. When I went for a loan, commercial banks got bogged down in their own bureaucracy. The Progress fund was actually able to move faster.

- Eric Martin, Co-owner, Falls City Pub & Restaurant


Water enthusiasts, hikers, bicyclists, and other travelers could enjoy themselves at Ohiopyle State Park and Campground where there were seven canoe and kayak rental operations, nine bike rental businesses, innumerable trails and waterways along the Youghiogheny River Gorge and one waterfall, but zero sit-down restaurants. After a hunger-inducing day of outdoor fun 1.5 million annual visitors had to choose between vending machines and kiosks, ice cream shops and a small deli.


Eric Martin and his sister Lynne Martin own the successful Wilderness Voyageurs Outfitters, located in Ohiopyle, and had long handled the food service needs of their rafting patrons. They knew what townspeople and visitors really wanted: a family-oriented, pub-style restaurant with a rafting theme that could provide good meals at modest prices. The Progress Fund provided $150,000 of construction and permanent financing. The loan included $100,000 of funds provided by the USDA, which supports economic development projects in rural southwestern Pennsylvania.


No longer do Ohiopyle visitors have to drive 30 minutes for a sit-down meal. The restaurant, set in Ohiopyle’s magnificent scenery, enhances the overall experience for thousands of visitors annually, while adding eight jobs to the local economy.

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