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Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries

Boyd & Blair distillery days
1101 William Flynn Highway
Glenshaw, PA
Business Development
Total Project Cost
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The Progress Fund “made it happen very smoothly and efficiently, no question about it.

- Barry Young, co-owner – Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, Glenshaw, PA


It’s not hard to find regional beer, but what about local vodka? That question bedeviled Barry Young who researched the possibilities. He mulled it and came back with this: “We’re going to make vodka.” He left his position in healthcare to do just that. Using locally grown potatoes, he crafted ” a sweeter vodka with just a little bit more viscosity to it, a little more mouth-feel to it.” It’s also vodka with a story-distilled here with local ingredients- that appeals to the growing number of people who want the products of their region


The Progress Fund helped bridge a financing gap by securing a $200,000 loan from the state’s First Industries Tourism Program.


Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries got the approvals needed to distill vodka, and set up shop in an empty part of a glass factory. Now Barry’s the stillmaster, and he is tapping into the thirst of visitors and locals alike for the experience of “being able to find something you like that is truly high quality, and made in your own back yard.”