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Mom's Wholesale Foods

1003 Wilmington Avenue
New Castle, PA
Business expansion loan
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We had talks with other banks, but ultimately The Progress Fund was able to give us a good deal.  We felt comfortable in that relationship, knowing that it’s genuinely a partnership, and not strictly business.

- Philip D. Pratt, Mom's Wholesale Foods


Pepperoni rolls have been a family specialty since the Depression, so it’s no surprise that the Pratt family’s bakery was bursting by 2020.  “We just had way too much stuff in there and not enough room,” says Philip D. Pratt, whose parents founded Mom’s Wholesale Foods.  They couldn’t expand their rented space, and the search for a new location was interrupted by COVID-19.  By 2022, demand had only increased as stores and restaurants affected by the staffing crisis sought more quality prepared foods.  Says Philip: “We need to make a move.”


The Pratts found a former craft store in New Castle that could be adapted into a bakery.  Mom’s had borrowed from The Progress Fund early in its history, and after checking in with banks, the Pratts decided to do so again.  The loan’s customized schedule included lower payments during the months in which Mom’s would still owe rent on its old bakery.


Mom’s now has around 60% more floor space.  It is enhancing efficiency and increasing production while also developing a small retail operation.  Mom’s now has flexibility to expand with the pepperoni roll business, without checking with a landlord.  “We need to own,” says Philip, “if we wanted to have more control of where this boat is going.”