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Rick Walker Farms

12525 Hamilton Rd
Edinboro, PA
Greenhouse purchase and construction
Total Project Cost
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Very easy. It was no problem at all there. I’m getting the money as I need it. That’s been very helpful.

- Rick Walker, owner, Rick Walker Farms


Rick Walker owns and operates  Rick Walker Farms in the Edinboro area, where he grows and sells Christmas Trees. For more than ten years, he has also been hydroponic vegetable farming.  He had 2 greenhouses for raising vegetables, primarily tomatoes and cucumbers.


With the $100,000 loan from The Progress Fund, Rick was able to purchase and construct a third greenhouse at the farm to grow more vegetables to sell locally. In 2010,  the farm was GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified by the USDA.


This project will help support sustainable agriculture and promote the production and sale of locally grown food.