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Crick General Store

5789 Glen Hope Boulevard
Glen Hope, PA
Purchase and expand business
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There isn’t a bank out there that would meet you beside a creek. That really impressed us. It wasn’t just a numbers thing. You actually saw the potential of what we were looking at.

- Allen Figula, co-owner, Crick Country Store, Glen Hope, PA


Their small town general store was going down the creek without a paddle, but Donna and Allen Figula and their daughters, Kayla and Alanna, saw major opportunity. For over 77 years, the store has been the town’s only place to get fueled up, have a bite to eat, and catch up on the local gossip. The location had a few things going for it; the beautiful, trout stocked Clearfield Creek was only 100 yards from the store along with a boat access ramp, picnicking, camping, a baseball field, and horse and bike trails which were all a part of the small town’s charm. Donna and Allen had a vision to tie these natural landmarks to the store, and encourage the community to join in the local fun.


Conventional lenders denied the gas station for being “too much of a liability”. A bank loan officer threw them a line and submitted their proposal to the Progress Fund. The Figula’s were surprised when the loan officer requested the meeting to be at the Crick and not over a desk. On a sunny, late morning with the ducks swimming and fish jumping, The Progress Fund’s loan process began for the Crick General Store.


The Figula’s have plans to add many recreational and outdoor activities to their country store experience. This past year, they added soft serve, Coney Island Dogs, subs, & canoe trip lunches- “Criknic Baskets.” The Crick General Store is paddling up stream.

The Progress Fund is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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