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See behind the construction fence

Since 2018, we have been working to reopen the Historic Hazelwood Brewery as a beer drinkers destination.  Yeah, its taken longer than expected.  Real estate projects creep more than they run.  COVID didn’t help and this is no small project.  It involved a lot of property acquisition, community outreach, planning and more planning, lots of permits, and the complete rehabilitation … Continue reading

A peddler peddles to pedalers

Another trail business starts pedaling Trails are fun, but trails with services are economic development drivers. Service businesses are popping up across the region on the Panhandle Trail, Montour Trail and Butler-Freeport Trail. Burgettstown, PA is starting the trail season with a new business: The Shoppe Along the Way at the Burgettstown Train Station. This new trail town is located … Continue reading

Trail provides positive economic impact to West Newton area

Mary Lou Rendulic does not need a study to tell her about the economic value of the Great Allegheny Passage, the popular 150-mile recreational trail that cuts through West Newton as it connects Pittsburgh with Cumberland, Md. “We’re finding that we are renting more and more rooms per season,” said Rendulic, who operates Bright Morning Bed & Breakfast, The Annex Inn and the new Willow Springs Inn along Jefferson Court, just off the Great Allegheny Passage. Continue reading

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Best Subway anywhere with a riverfront view

Riverfront dining is a special and memorable experience. In this region, the options are few and so they become local favorites and tourist destinations. Add Downtown West Newton to the short list.

Last week, Subway opened its best new restaurant, dare we say anywhere? Their opening is the culmination of The Progress Fund’s three-year effort to secure and rehab this exceptionally well-positioned property for a new commercial life. Continue reading

Bright Morning Bed and Breakfast to celebrate second expansion

This new addition to Bright Morning Bed & Breakfast will add four more guest rooms. The house was completely renovated with a restored front porch overlooking the Great Allegheny Passage. This house is handicapped-accessible and features a pathway connecting to the breakfast area at Annex Inn. Continue reading

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