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See behind the construction fence

Since 2018, we have been working to reopen the Historic Hazelwood Brewery as a beer drinkers destination.  Yeah, its taken longer than expected.  Real estate projects creep more than they run.  COVID didn’t help and this is no small project.  It involved a lot of property acquisition, community outreach, planning and more planning, lots of permits, and the complete rehabilitation of an iconic building from Hazelwood’s past.  That restoration work and big addition, along with the public landscaping will be completed this November.  Thereafter, the expected tenants need time to get their brewing equipment installed and tested.  And yes, there is a food vendor moving in too.

If all goes well, the public opening will be in the Spring of 2023.  Speaking for all of the Project Team, we can almost taste the beer we’ll be enjoying while standing on the roof deck and looking out over Hazelwood and its continuing “comeback”.

If you want to follow along on the fun part of the project, I’m referring to the construction and rehab work, then please follow this link to our Hazelwood Brewery Facebook page.  Please “like us” to get periodic updates from inside the construction fencing.