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“To Infinity and Beyond!”

Riley’s Pour House takes us to the top

We are numbers people, numbers enable us to measure results. So, $75,000,000 is a big important number to us. With our recent loan to Riley’s Pour House in Carnegie PA, The Progress Fund has made over $75,000,000 loans to small businesses across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio. The results from those loans include other numbers: 324 businesses started or expanded and 4,227 jobs created.

Back in 2015, we surpassed $60,000,000 in lending. To put that feat in perspective, we said to imagine a stack of one dollar bills towering 21,480 feet. That was 1,000 feet higher than the highest mountain in America which is Denali in Alaska.

Now that we reached $75,000,000 you need to imagine a stack of dollars reaching 26,850 feet high (or 5.1 miles straight-up). If you climbed that high you would summit the 7th highest mountain in the world, Dhaulagiri in Nepal. And if you are wondering, yes, we have our sights on reaching “To Infinity and Beyond”!

Wikipedia says, the mountain’s name is धौलागिरी (dhaulāgirī) in Nepali. This comes from Sanskrit where धवल (dhawala) means dazzling, white, beautiful and गिरि (giri) means mountain.