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147 years old and getting better everyday (especially yesterday) at their new visitors center

At 147 years old, Straub is the newest place to go.  Yesterday, Straub Brewery opened its first ever tasting room and tap room.  Until now, visitors to the Brewery could only sample the beloved beer from Straub’s famous “Eternal Tap” which is a fun experience, standing there in the middle of the Brewery operations, but it lacks a little…in particular chairs, table and food.  That all got fixed.  Now, you can visit the Brewery for a tour, including a pull from the “Eternal Tap”, then head to the Tap Room to taste the full aray of Straub’s Craft and Traditional Beers.  The food is exceptional too.

The Craft Beverage Fund of The Progress Fund is proud to have had  a hand in the project.  We got involved back in 2017 when Straub asked us to be the designated recipient of a $1,000,000 RACP Grant from the State of PA that then reimburses Straub Brewery’s construction expenses.  We also provided Straub the $1,000,000 construction loan they need in that process.  We also become a member of Straub’s design team which developed the concept of the expanded campus for a Visitor’s Center and Tap Room.  To support the expansion, Our Craft Beverage Fund made three loans to Straub totaling $344,000 to buy three neighboring properties.

The party continues after yesterday.  The Grand Opening of the Visitor’s Center is on July 19.  Consider going to Saint Marys, PA, up in the PA Wilds™.  It is a great road trip, but watch out for the wildlife, but not in the Tap Room, rather the Elk herds grazing along the road, especially if you are on the “Elk Scenic Drive”.!directory/map/ord=rnd

Click on the picture to view Tap Room Grand Opening!