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Greensburg Renaissance

As you know, our region has been going through a renaissance.  Developments in Pittsburgh get a lot of press due to its size.  Greensburg has experienced its own renaissance, but you may not have heard about it.  Here’s a list.

Seton Hill Arts Center
If you’re interested in the arts, you might want to check out Seton Hill University’s new arts center which opened this fall.  Read Culture drives Greensburg renaissance (Post-Gazette article) to learn more about the arts center and other recent developments.

Westmoreland Museum of American Art
This museum opened in its renovated and expanded building cantilevered over the city on N. Main Street on October 25.  Read Westmoreland Museum of American Art spreads its wings (Post-Gazette article) for more information.

Businesses we’ve financed in Greensburg

We’ve provided loans totaling $2,160,463 to eleven businesses. The borrowers located closest to our event include:

College Avenue apartments112 College Avenue Apartment Building Image (3)
Our loan to Greensburg Community Development Corporation enabled them to secure and hold a key property on College Avenue until a developer could be identified. That property is now part of a five-parcel tract where a new 27-unit apartment building is currently being constructed (see rendering). You’ll probably pass the construction site on your way to The Supper Club.

logoRabbit Hole Records
If you’re a fan of vinyl, stop by Rabbit Hole Records, one of our newest borrowers, on N. Main Street. There you’ll find the finest vinyl rarities, old and new.



American Adventure Sports
If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast, look no further than American Adventure Sports on S. Pennsylvania Avenue, which has a bike shop, rock climbing equipment, and ski and board services.





If you’re in town for dinner, treat yourself to a nice sit-down meal at One Eleven Restaurant.