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Rabbit Hole Records

109 N. Main Street
Greensburg, PA
Business Start-up
Total Project Cost
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Thomas Medley and Amber Kunselman would not be one-hit wonders. Their recipe of authentic, baked-on-site pastries and specialty coffees and teas propelled their first business, The White Rabbit Café and Pâtisserie, to the top of the charts of Greensburg’s new businesses. For side two, they decided to turn the cafe’s basement into a shrine to another classic: vinyl. “There’s something about the tactile nature of records,” Thomas says. An album is “an object, rather than this abstract thing floating in the ether that you have rights to, but don’t really own.”


First they’d need to renovate and buy records. “Me, just an entry level business dude, I really didn’t have collateral,” says Thomas. The Progress Fund, though, “called it a good-faith loan, based on what we were doing with The White Rabbit,” and loaned $61,088.


Thomas and manager, Shawn Rodeheaver, stocked Rabbit Hole Records with vinyl, old and new, from every imaginable genre. They included a Western Pennsylvania section to feed the heads of customers with local psychedelic rock and new bands, which can also perform at The White Rabbit. “It actually is starting to bring in people who wouldn’t otherwise be coming to Greensburg,” says Thomas. “There’s just a cool factor to records.”

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