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A small manufacturer in North Braddock, PA

Our mission is to help people, and recently it was a “Peoples”, in this case to Mr. Ben Peoples’ expanding business in North Braddock, PA…”Ben Peoples Industries”. (Yes that was a silly sentence, but this occurrence doesn’t often happen, just had to do it.) The playful story goes on, because Ben stripped down an old Strip Club.  Read on   … Continue reading

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147 years old and getting better everyday (especially yesterday) at their new visitors center

At 147 years old, Straub is the newest place to go.  Yesterday, Straub Brewery opened its first ever tasting room and tap room.  Until now, visitors to the Brewery could only sample the beloved beer from Straub’s famous “Eternal Tap” which is a fun experience, standing there in the middle of the Brewery operations, but it lacks a little…in particular … Continue reading

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Passing the baton

PART SIX – Our entrepreneurial summer series has taken us to B&Bs, distilleries, trails, docks, restaurants, climbing gyms and ice cream shops.

If you’re pumped to take on your own business, then we’re thrilled.
If, on the other hand, we’ve got you pondering retirement, we get that, too. Either way, our sixth and final episode has exactly what you’re looking for. Continue reading

Doubling down can pay off big

PART FIVE – We’re at that point in our entrepreneurial summer when the days are so long and bright that you’d almost think they’ll never end. When a small business owner finds that the line of customers just doesn’t end, it may be time to open a second location. In week five of our series, we’ll find out that doubling down can pay off big – but the days are long, and not always in a perfect way. Continue reading

What you order speaks volumes

PART FOUR – If you joined our entrepreneurial summer series during week three (we hit the rafts, bikes, canoes, kayaks), you may still be hungry. This week, we’ll share a booth with some of the most innovative restaurateurs in the region, where they’ll try to read the minds of the dining public – an exercise which might go better with a nice Moscato. Continue reading

It crawled from the Yough

PART THREE – Whether you joined our entrepreneurial summer series at a bed & breakfast (week one) or a distillery (week two), you know that change is a constant in small business. As a result, adaptation is a key phase in the entrepreneurial life cycle. Nowhere is that more true than along the trails and rivers, where consumer tastes shift almost as surely as weather changes. Continue reading

Spirited rebels speak proof to power

PART TWO – Our entrepreneurial summer series dawned last week with stories of the inspired women who run bed & breakfasts and vacation rentals along our region’s trails. Successful businesses usually have great stories – of innovation or tradition, local roots or international reach. Continue reading

Kick it up a notch

PART ONE – Summer is make-or-break time for many of the small businesses in our towns, along the trails, and in the city’s most festive neighborhoods. This summer, many entrepreneurs are thinking big. For the next six weeks, The Progress Fund – which has helped 311 businesses over 21 years – is going to take you into the heat of an entrepreneurial summer. Continue reading