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Running to Wellness

In the world of retail sales, there are a handful of stores that attract and build loyal customers from far and wide. These “Destination Retailers” stand out because of the helpfulness of the staff along with the goods and services offered. Two Rivers Treads of Shepherdstown, West Virginia is one of those businesses where people literally run to their front door.

Two Rivers Treads was recently selected as a top 100 small business by the Small Business Revolution (SBR). Two Rivers Treads is number 70! Read the full story.

We applaud their success! Just five short years ago, we helped them with their start-up funding.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella founded Two Rivers Treads, the nation’s first minimalist shoe store to teach people how to properly move and run. In addition to selling “healthy” footwear, the shop educates the community about living a healthy, active lifestyle. Two Rivers Treads has supported hundreds of community races, events, and charities through sponsorship, contributions of prizes, sharing equipment, logistics help, and volunteering.

Dr. Cucuzzella directs three local races, which draw a significant amount of tourism to his tiny West Virginia town. He sees it as a way to grow and nurture his community in a way that large corporations aren’t able to.

“This is not just a clothing item, this is really a medical intervention. It’s like your food. It’s that important, because what you put on a kid’s feet is not just a style thing,” says Dr. Cucuzzella. Read more.

Read the Shepherdstown Chronicle article.

Two Rivers Treads