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The world is knocking at her door.

One of our recent borrowers, Gail Hall, owner of 9 Decatur Guest House and Hostel and The Inn on Decatur in Cumberland, Maryland, was featured in a Cumberland Times-News article about the growing impact of trail tourism in Maryland.

Gail said the type of tourists traveling the trails are pleasant to accommodate and spending substantial amounts of money in the area.

Gail believes that the trails are an asset to the community and she stressed the benefits for the area: “It (tourism) has a huge impact all the way around for lodging, restaurants, the museums…these people here aren’t just kids riding bikes. Most of them are 50-plus, income $100,000 a year-plus, they’ve traveled all over the world and they just want lightly taken care of, and if you take care of them, the rewards will be endless.”

Read the full article: “Trails bring the world, business to Cumberland”.

View Gail’s Project Profile to learn about how we helped her fill the gap in lodging for trail users in Cumberland.