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Teaching banks a lesson

The user friendly pages of our new website were highlighted as a best practice for the country’s big banks.

The Progress Fund’s new website got a nod from American Bankers Association (ABA). ABA is the trade association of the country’s largest banks. They suggested that commercial banks use digital technology to make it easier for customers to begin the borrowing process. This was discussed in the October edition of ABA’s Bank Marketing and Sales Magazine in “The Brand: Shifting to Digital?”.

According to the article, business owners want to be able to learn about a lender’s range of services without having to deal with potential sales tactics. Second, banks have a reputation for being very hard to work with, and finance is often a daunting topic for small-business owners.

ABA suggested that banks show clients that it will be easy to work with them and that there is a clear and simple process for getting a loan. ABA then points readers to The Progress Fund as a great example.

We made our loan process easy with our simple online loan application, which was showcased in the article. Click here to apply for a loan and see for yourself.

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