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Ranchers lasso award

John and Kathyrn Dawes 2

Huntingdon County ranch wins national award for environmental stewardship

Congratulations to our borrowers, John and Kathryn Dawes, owners of Huntingdon Farm of Alexandria, PA, on their Environmental Stewardship Award. They were honored with one of six regional Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP) awards which are presented to farmers and ranchers who demonstrate a commitment to protecting the farm and ranch land in their care.

Huntingdon Farm is an American Angus Association member farm that is home to a registered herd of 50 head with 36 brood cows.

“John has been an active voice in the protection of the environment in the mid-Atlantic region in a way that still allows our nation to make full use of our natural resources,” said Bob Hough, retired CEO of the American Red Angus Association of America. “Common sense is the best way to describe his environmental activities for the good of industry, farmers, society and our land.”

Read the full story and watch the video to learn more.



creek and cows

John and Kathryn Dawes