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Pennsylvania’s Newest Distillery

David Black On March 26, 2014, Jennifer and David Black opened Blackbird Distillery, the newest distillery in Pennsylvania.  Jennifer and her husband have worked for the last two years to open the place. The batches they have bottled now took them almost 6 months to create. They have nearly a dozen flavors and are able to do tastings.

In the entire state of Pennsylvania, there have only been 16 distillery licenses granted. Blackbird Distillery is one of the few that makes all of their liquor on the premises from start to finish.

The Blacks invite you to step back in time for real moonshine handcrafted on site from grains to bottles. They also offer smoked meats, cheeses and specialty pepper mixes. Their hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11am – 7pm.

View the Blackbird Distillery video that aired on WTAJ-TV Channel 10 News.Blackbird Distillery

Visit their website or Facebook page for more information.

Our loan to Blackbird Distillery is one of 11 loans we’ve made to Pennsylvania’s Wine and Spirits Industry.