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Craft Beverage Fund

Grow your boozy business, your way. You focus on top-quality ingredients and artisanal flavor. We’ll get creative to get you the funds you need.

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Is the Craft Beverage Fund right for you?

Brewers, distillers and winemakers: we want to help you grow. We think boozy businesses make sober sense. So if you’re a tastemaker, we’ll take a leap with you. Our loans range from $40,000 to $1 million+, with competitive rates.

As a nonprofit, we don’t have the same restrictions as other lenders. That means we can get creative to redefine the financing ‘rules’ for you— so you can invest in higher quality.

You can also get free coaching and advice from our team’s 20 years in the industry.

Other small, boozy businesses can qualify for the Craft Beverage Fund, too. We’re looking for boozy ideas that bring something unique to the table, like specialty bar-restaurants, or even more traditional businesses that find new ways to draw in the craft drink crowd.

Let’s talk about how we can partner to get you the funds you need to grow your boozy business:

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Still not sure? Just reach out. We’re happy to let you know if you’re a fit for the program, and give you advice either way.

Every loan is different, but exploring the stories from our other wine, beer and spirits borrowers, or reviewing our general loan FAQ  might help you get an idea of what to expect.