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Winterset Kennels

Winterset Kennels
305 Winterset Road
Ebensburg, PA
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The Hite family has long worked at Ebensburg’s Winterset Kennel as if it were their own. In 2005, James and Beverly Hite saw a chance to truly make the place theirs by purchasing the business and continuing the kennel’s tradition of daycare-like attention to its clientele. Although the Hites had already run a successful small trucking company for nearly three decades, getting financial assistance to purchase the place – at least on terms the couple could comfortably live with – was tough.


The Progress Fund loaned the Hites $207,000, using funds from the United States Department of Agriculture, toward the kennel’s purchase price of $262,000. The loan will let them continue Winterset as a place where pet owners can feel safe.


Beverly Hite says the kennel should only grow in popularity, now that the Ebensburg area is seeing new housing development. The Hites are considering adding grooming to kennel offerings, since the place is set up to accommodate the service. Beverly continues to take reservations from loyal customers. As she puts it: “We always tell our clients when they’re bringing their animals in that we will do whatever will make them feel at home.”

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