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Village News

VillageNews 1
110 South Juliana Street
Bedford, PA
Business Development
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As long as anyone can remember, the Village News has brought the events of the day to Bedford. After 50 years without an update, though, the venerable building was at risk of passing the point of no return, and the shuttered restaurant in back was about to see its license expire. Lori and Joel Bussard had the business acumen to rejuvenate the ailing landmark. All they needed was capital.


Hometown Bank was willing to help, but recommended that the Bussards try The Progress Fund first. The business plan looked so good, and Bedford’s future looks so bright, that The Progress Fund loaned $69,300 along with $115,500 from the state’s First Industries Tourism Program. The Progress Fund later loaned $50,000 for building renovations.


The Bussards completely redid the interior, while preserving classic fixtures like the marble soda fountain. The old cabinets now serve as the back bar in the reopened restaurant, with an enhanced menu featuring sandwiches, salads and potatoes. Bedford can still get its news, and visitors have a much-needed new lunch option. “It’s just such an old, welcoming place,” says Lori. “Hopefully, that’ll keep people in town instead of chasing them out to the interchanges.” Who says the news is never good?

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