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The Green Harvest Co.

The Green Harvest Co. 1
110 East Pitt Street
Bedford, PA
Real Estate Purchase
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Kimberly Ann Foreman grew The Green Harvest Co. from a small maker of spreads, dressings and dips into a successful café featuring sandwiches like the Elvis (Panini with all natural peanut butter and bananas) and the Mediterranean griller (olive tapenade, feta, black olives and tomatoes, with or without chicken). She had achieved her lifelong dream of running a café – but she didn’t own it. She rented.


Kim could’ve gotten a bank loan for the price of the building, but wanted to borrow a little more. “Being a single woman, I didn’t have enough collateral,” she said. “That’s why I used The Progress Fund.” She found The Progress Fund’s rates were lower than bank rates, and borrowed $140,000.


Kim bought the building, boosting the value of The Green Harvest Co. and ensuring she can continue serving healthy and delicious food to Bedford residents and the growing number of visitors. That’s good news for those who enjoy the café’s cooking lessons and evening concerts, plus the local farmers who sell organic crops and free range eggs to her. “The town doesn’t have another place like this to eat,” Kim said. “It’s something unique.” And now, it’s uniquely hers.

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