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Lingrow Farm

Outdoor wedding 2
188 Forks Church Road
Leechburg, PA
Building Renovations
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Linda Alworth opened Lingrow Farm in Gilpin Township, just outside of Leechburg in Armstrong County in 2006. Ms. Alworth is a landscaper by trade and renovated the former barn and farmhouse into a multi-faceted wedding and event venue.  At that time, all catering was outsourced to local restaurants.


With a $250,000 loan from The Progress Fund in participation with Enterprise Bank, Linda was able to  purchase a building in Leechburg to install a commercial catering kitchen to bring catering for the event venue in house.


The hotel will also cater to recreation and trail users that frequent the Kiski River Valley creating 15 full time jobs in an area that has seen a steady rise in river recreation.