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Golden Eagle Inn

131 East Pitt Street
Bedford, PA
Historic Building Rehab
Total Project Cost
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More than 200 years ago, Dr. John Anderson built a mansion in Bedford, and opened the Golden Eagle Tavern on the first floor. Back then; the tavern saw some real characters, from stagecoach passengers to General George Washington’s troops. But by the time Oralee Kieffer bought it in 1990, Anderson’s mansion had long stood empty, and was marred by wear and tear, coal dust, and a lack of modern plumbing and wiring. Banks loaned Oralee enough to start transforming the mansion into a bed and breakfast – but not enough to finish the job. “Everything had to be preserved,” says Oralee. “It costs more to do than you initially anticipate.”


The Progress Fund helped Oralee navigate the historic preservation process. And when the bank funds ran out, the Fund loaned Oralee $40,000 – enough to get the job done.


What was a faded historical jewel is now a gem of a bed and breakfast, employing 10. And though stagecoach passengers are rare, the Golden Eagle hosts a steady stream of golfers, bikers, skiers, hikers, and antique shoppers – characters in their own right!

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