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Gaslight Campground

6297 Emlenton-Clintonville Road
Emlenton, PA
Business Improvement
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John and Martha Berry spent their life savings, and then some, buying and bettering a family-oriented campground. They improved roads, thinned trees, fixed roofs and rebuilt the sewer plant. When it came time to refinance and start on a next round of improvements to the increasingly popular getaway, banks noted their one-year track record and told them, “come back in a year,” said John.


Clarion Bank, though, was willing to go well beyond half way to meeting the Berrys’ needs, and The Progress Fund filled the gap with a $100,000 loan. The Berrys improved their debt structure, and set aside money for working capital and future improvements.


With a pool, fishing pond, store, cabins, playground and clean facilities, Gaslight Campground has become a favorite for travelers from as far away as England and Norway. That’s great for the local restaurants to which John sometimes chauffeurs his guests. To John, the benefits of having a high-quality campground in the area are simple: “It’s a lot of fun. You meet a lot of nice people.”

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