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Dale's Place, LLC

125 1st Street
Smithton, PA
Business Renovation
Total Project Cost
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Eric Whiteman purchased the real estate, which consists of an existing bar and restaurant in 2018.


The property has a 2nd floor, which has 8 sleeping rooms that are not currently in use and  there are 5 apartments on 3rd floor not being used and in need of renovations.  The Progress Fund provided a $278,000 loan to complete the remainder of the updates and renovations needed for the residential rental (2nd and 3rd floors) of the building.


Dale’s Place is in a desirable location as it is approximately .4 miles from the Great Allegheny Passage.  In addition to GAP travelers, the area has a need for temporary housing for utility workers in the gas and oil industry.  A new natural gas power plant has recently opened in the area that will also have temporary workers looking for a place to stay.  This also creates an opportunity for the residential portion of the property.