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Chris Higbee


Dawson, PA
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Chris Higbee sings about ‘making hay, chopping wood, tractors, that kind of thing. “Everyone can relate to it,” says Chris Higbee, country music artist. His gutsy sound and no-nonsense values epitomize rural Pennsylvania. As he packed larger and larger local venues and booked more and more national gigs, he sought to upgrade his live sound. But who lends money to an up-and-coming country artist?


The Progress Fund recognized that Chris Higbee drew people into Pennsylvania, and communicated the region’s vibrancy and values to audiences nationwide. The Progress Fund loaned Chris Higbee, $40,000 – enough to purchase a top-shelf public address system.


Chris Higbee is taking his improved sound to venues from Maine to Florida, North Carolina to Iowa. His Pennsylvania shows bring in fans from several states around. He employs seven musicians and a growing staff. “We’re still the small fish in a very big bowl,” says Higbee. “But as we grow, the people around us grow with it.” Everyone can relate to that, too.