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Birdsfoot Golf Club

Birdsfoot Golf Club
225 Furnace Run Road
Freeport, PA
Sports Attraction
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As the Freeport area transitioned from an agricultural economy to one focused on services and amenities, Travis Lindsay looked for a way to preserve and share the beauty of his family’s farm. In 1998, he returned from a year spent working in Colorado with a plan: He’d turn the beautiful, sloping landscape into a great golf course.


Many financial institutions routinely refuse to be first to tee off. Eventually, though, Travis met The Progress Fund. “We had a lot of people on the site who didn’t have the vision The Progress Fund had,” Travis says. The Fund gave us a loan, which seeded the project. “They backed us up every step of the way.” Government agencies and conventional lenders followed. When Travis later wanted to refinance his debt to improve his cash flow, The Progress Fund provided an additional $585,000 in participation with Enterprise Bank as part of a $2,925,000 loan.


Travis hired top golf course architects, contractors and staff. The result is spectacular. Pennsylvania Golfer magazine calls Birdsfoot Golf Club “a pristine golfing experience unsullied by any distraction or development.” The course has attracted aficionados from all across the country. This birdie is really a hole-in-one.

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