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Antietam Iron Works

Antietam Iron Works 1
201 Lincoln Way West
McConnellsburg, PA
Business expansion and relocation
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Austin Gunnell, proprietor of Antietam Iron Works, has long been practicing the centuries-old art of blacksmithing, creating fine architectural features for high-end clients around the country. His grandfather was a blacksmith, and his sons have also helped in the business, prior to attending college. “They were showing me stuff I couldn’t do,” Austin marvels. Now his business was poised to expand, improving a wider variety of homes and businesses with his ornamental ironwork.


When he finally outgrew his building, Austin hoped to do more than merely enlarge its space by moving to McConnellsburg. The Progress Fund has stepped in to help this artisan modernize his work and his customer base. The loan is providing new equipment that will help him design and deliver more, and more beautiful, commercial products, including railings that help with ADA accessibility issues. The Progress Fund’s $95,000 loan and loans from other lenders have already allowed Antietam Iron Works to purchase its new McConnellsburg building.


Not only will Austin Gunnell bring back the building’s old sense of style, his improvements will fix long-neglected environmental concerns in the old structure, contributing to the health of the community in more ways than one. With The Progress Fund’s help, Antietam will be showing more of the country what it can do: ironwork that will now grace more than just exclusive communities and homes. With added employees and an added focus, Austin Gunnell’s business is about to forge a new future for the historic business district of McConnellsburg, as well as appreciative home- and business-owners across the nation.

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