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Alpine Property Rentals, LLC - The Lazy Bear Lodge

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588 Nelson Road
Farmington, PA
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It seems like The Progress Fund is always our best solution.  We haven’t found anything that works any better.  We’ve had a really good relationship with The Progress Fund.

- Pam Kruse, co-owner, Alpine Property Rentals


Why would Pam and Jessica Kruse possibly want to buy a fourth vacation cottage, and a small one at that?  The couple initially “kind of dismissed” the idea of purchasing the little log house along Meadow Run, Pam says.  But as they walked the three-acre lot, it struck them as “a great place to put a kids’ playground set, because it has such a flat, level yard.”  The interior, meanwhile, was larger than advertised, including a game room, pool table and bar.  In short, it had some features their other three vacation rentals didn’t – plus room for one more, key amenity.


The two Ohiopyle entrepreneurs turned to their longtime lender, The Progress Fund, which advanced $212,000 to cover the bulk of the purchase price.


In the airbnb era, vacationers are looking for something more unique than a hotel room.  So the Kruses redid the bar, replaced the pool table, and added the must-have feature:  a hot tub.  “Anything that we put hot tubs in does twice as well,” notes Pam.  In the plans:  A playground set, maybe a basketball hoop, and potentially renovation of a smaller building on the lot.  “What’s going to set us apart from the competition is going to be the amenities,” says Pam.  “What we’re trying to do is offer something for everybody.”

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