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Bedford businessmen get press back home in Italy

LIFeSTYLE buildingLIFeSTYLE of Bedford, PA was recently featured in “Corriere Della Sera”, the most widely read newspaper in Italy.

LIFeSTYLE stands for Living Italian Food e Style. The foodie shop imports and sells the best artisanal food products from Italy. After retail hours and on weekends, it transforms into a classic Italian trattoria restaurant. The business, owned and managed by two boyhood friends from Italy, features traditional Italian food, local meats and vegetables.

LIFeSTYLE 1Founder Stefano Ferrari explains “We wanted to build something that was all ours. In Italy, it was impossible for the outrageous starting costs and the bureaucracy”. Stefano’s American start-up is celebrating its 8th year of success.

Read the full article (translated in English) or view the original Italian article. To learn more about LIFeSTYLE, visit their website or Facebook page.