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90 Million is a lot of anything to imagine

This week, The Progress Fund counted up 90,000,000 in dollars.  That cosmic-sized number equals the total dollar amount of loans we made since we started lending in 1997.  Back then, we started the organization with a lot of imagination and just a few dollars.  Frankly, 90,000,000 was beyond our imagination, but we are proud to have reached.

If 90,000,000 is a hard number to imagine, so ponder this…imagine walking around the earth two full times, that would be a 100,000,000 mile hike.  Or blast-off to the moon, that’s a distance of 93,525,000 miles.  When we pass those milestones, we will let you know again.

“It’s the journey, not the destination.”  We are going to keep going, and going!